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Stephen  Sutton, the British blogger and charity activist,  known for his blog "Stephen's Story" and his Teenage Cancer Trust,  died in the early hours of 14 May 2014, of colorectal cancer, aged 19.
In a post announcing Stephen's death, Jane Sutton said he was a "courageous, selfless, inspirational son". Ms Sutton said in her statement: "My heart is bursting with pride but breaking with pain for my courageous, selfless, inspirational son.
Sutton , this special  person , was known for the Teenage Cancer Trust  charity for the aid of teenagers with cancer.

 As of 14 May 2014, Sutton had raised £3,367,960.53,  more than triple the original goal.Sutton was born on 16 December 1994, and attended primary and secondary school in his home town of Burntwood. During his youth, Sutton was a very active child, participating in sports and athletics, particularly long-distance running and football. Sutton graduated with straight As from Chase Terrace Technology College in August 2012, and had interviews at Cambridge University to study medicine, as well as universities in Leicester and Leeds

He later withdrew his applications before getting a verdict, after his cancer was determined to be incurable. Sutton was diagnosed with stage 3B colorectal cancer at the age of 15, and subsequently went through aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatments. In December 2012, two years after the initial diagnosis, the cancer was deemed incurable after speading to the lungs and liver. Following a lung collapse on April 22, 2014, Sutton was put on life-support but in a stable condition.  After his diagnosis, Sutton began participating in charity events with the Teenage Cancer Trust, and later started his own website and blog in January 2013. 

At the same time, he began fundraising with the Teenage Cancer Trust, with an initial goal of £10,000. Following unexpected support, the goal was raised to £100,000 and £500,000 the same year, before being raised to £1,000,000 in March 2014. During his fundraising campaign, Sutton was supported by several celebrities, most notably Jimmy Carr, Jonathan Ross and Jason Manford, the latter whom donated £10,000 whilst also giving all the turnovers from his own comedy club for the entire month of April to the charity. Following Sutton's hospitalization in April 2014, Manford became the unofficial spokesperson for the charity, appearing in interviews promoting the cause. He also launched the campaign "#thumbsupforStephen", asking people to share "selfies" of themselves promoting the campaign. On 3 May 2014, Sutton was discharged from the hospital following a sharp improvement in his condition. Later that same day he also met with Prime Minister David Cameron, who voiced his support for the campaign. Sutton's final goal of £1,000,000 was reached on 23 April 2014, and by 8 May he had raised over £3.2 million. On 14 May, he had raised over £3.36 million for the charity. On 4 May 2014, he helped break the Guinness World Record for 'The most amount of people making heart-shaped hand gestures'.

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