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Last year they  cycled 2000km demanding an oil free Aegean. This year they  dare to explore a different cycling route to one of the oldest civilizations, to the majestic Southern Italy and Sicily.  As
Kostas Terzopoulos & Christos Georgiadis inform us they will cycle from Thessaloniki to Brindisi, and from Syracuse to Naples, covering 2500km they  unite the voices of the Mediterranean people for chemical free seas. Inspired by the "experiment" of the destruction of chemical weapons of war in Syria, with the uncertain and risky process of hydrolysis, they  say no to transform the Mediterranean into a waste dump. From a port of Calabria, to sea southwest of Crete, a floating toxic bomb, the ghost ship "Cape Ray" turned into a pilot unit of hydrolysis and neutralization of chemical arsenals of Syria, guarded by NATO vessels.
“How do you measure the loss of a war? The destruction of toxic waste in the depths of the seas can cause untold damage. How much environmental costs is allowed? Who takes responsibility in a possible accident? Do multinationals that manufacture chemical and nuclear arsenals & power plants care about public health?
Does the exploitation of hydrocarbons is not yet a serious threat to the Mediterranean? “

Last year's trip listened to residents of the Aegean, rode from Thessaloniki in the Dardanelles, crossing Asia Minor and ending in Kastelorizo & surrounding islands, carrying the message for clean seas, free from oil, this fossil fuel is the apple of contention that still maintains the eternal vendetta between the two nations.
At the same time they  transfer the message for free access and protection of the shores from the model of "development" which is attempted to be established in Greece with laws selling off the coast. Furthermore they  demand the right to free responsible camping and free nude body that brings humans closer to nature.
Get their  trip updates at:
See their previous trip page Cycling into Oil Free Aegean
Sign, if you want,  the petition for the restoration of our fb page “WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE @ GREECE” that facebook closed with the excuse that contains nudity, pornography and sexual solicitation.

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