Σάββατο, 10 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Alexis is a 24 years old straight young man living in Thessaloniki.  He went to the  The Warm Project shoot with his girlfriend who he lip-kissed goodbye with a wet kiss on the pavement and followed the Warm Project Founder and Owner  to the studio to be photographed fully naked and hard. As the Warm Project describes “he  is tall and quite hairy  with very white skin and a beautiful thick cock that he didn’t mind getting hard despite the fact that he kept it well busy with his girlfriend earlier on.”

The Warm Project is a visual project based in Athens, Greece that explores the nude male body and its relationship to the real three dimensional space. It aims to capture the volume and shape of the nude body in space, as these appear through natural vision. The "Alexis Shoot" seems interesting , natural and artistic. The Warm Project as a whole visual project has common elements with the  Dogma Movies naked scenes: the nude male body is a totally natural act and nothing more.

All material found on this site belongs to The Warm Project, unless it is otherwise stated. 

© Photography: The Warm Project

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