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Dennis Lunarian (born on 20 November 1984) is a multidimensional artistic and intellectual personality. He is involved with philosophy, photograhy, video art, music, drawing, cartoons, 3D art and dance,  although he is most widely known as his solo project musician (Dennis Lunarian) and his philosophical movement Lunarianism.

His artistic style considered to be eccentric and with shocking tactics making the public many times freaking out about his ideological manifesto, nudity pictures and sketches.
 Dennis Lunarian gained popularity at mid 00s mainly in his Facebook and Myspace profiles through advertising his many public profiles and his provocative images and extremely experimental sound in his music. His movement "Lunarianism" gained popularity in the begginings of 10s through mainly Facebook and Google blogging advertising, the sexuality, provocative ideology intrigued many people. Lunarianism has its headquarters in the lodge "Novus Ordo Lunaris". Dennis Lunarian can be considered as internet meme also.
Feel free to communicate with him because he always wants to know people, share opinions and discuss. This is important part of his ideology sociability and communication

Dennis Lunarian
Location: Montreal, Quebec

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