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José Luis Larrosa Chorro is a Spanish open water swimmeraquapreneur, writer for Revista Open Swim Magazine, and a former water polo player (2000-2006) with the Elche Swimming Club. In 2009, he swam for Benidorm C.N. and C.N. Tennis Elche. He is the owner of Lovexswim, an athletic good store that sells to pool and open water swimmers, water polo players, triathletes, synchronized swimmers. 

He is a pool and open water swimming coach, lifeguard, and Personal Trainer.

Sport Curriculum

Jose Luis Larrosa Chorro (Elche, 18th February 1981)
- Swimming Coach. RFEN (Spanish National Swimming Federation)
-Open Water Swimming Coach. WOWSA (World Open Water Swimming Association).
-International Lifeguard. Red Cross.
-International Livesaving . RFESS. ILS (International Life Saving)
-Diploma of Higher Studies . Biology. Alicante University.
-Diploma of Higher Studies.  Sea Sciences. Alicante University
-Bachelor Degree. Physical Education Teacher. Alicante University. UA
-Sport Clubs Management. UHM University
-CPR-AED American Heart Association.

Season 2006-2010
2006 Gibraltar Strait Crossing Relay x4 Team  Go and back August 2006 7h55’ New World Record (Spain-Morocco)
2008 Gibraltar Strait Solo Crossing 6th August 2008 3h12’ (Spain-Morocco)
2010 Tabarca Marathon Challenge Swim 21Km Tabarca Island –Alicante 30th May 2010 5h16’(Spain)

Season 2011

2010 Islands Challenge Relay x4 Tabarca Island –Benidorm Island 48,6Km 4th September 2010      11h01’  (Spain)
2011 I Charity Marathon Swimming Pool APNEA  12hours 22nd January 2011 22,2Km 1st Overall (Spain)
2011 King Of The Sea Europe Lisbon 5Km 1st May 2011 1h12’37”  13º Overall 1st Category (Portugal)
2011 Regional Valencia Open Water Swim 10Km Cullera Bay 26th June 2011 2h18’02” 4th Overall (Spain)
2011 24th Interational Self-Transcendence Marathon Swim Rapperswil-Zurich 7th August 2011 26,4Km 7h28’22” 3rd  Overall  2nd Category  (Switzerland)
2011  I Ultramaratón del Ebro Xerta-Amposta 27Km 6h00’ 1º Overall 20th August 2011 (Spain)
2011 Mar Menor Half Challenge 2nd October 2011 11Km 2h35’  (Spain)

Season 2012

2012 Mar Menor Challenge 23,5Km 17th April 2012 5h35’ (Spain)
2012 I Tabarca Marathon Swim 21Km Tabarca Island –Alicante 29th May 2012 5h50’ 1st Overall (Spain)
2012 I Mariners Tabarca 10Km 3rd June 2012 2h20’ 1st Overall  (Spain)
2012 Regional Valencia Open Water Cullera Bay 10Km 22nd June 2012  2h32’47” 9th Overall (Spain)
2012 24th International Marathon Swim Messianakos Gulf Kalamata-Stoupa 30Km 1st September 2012  7h40’ 1st Overall (Greece)

Season 2013

2013 II Tabarca Marathon Swim  21Km Tabarca Island – Alicante  2nd June    5h22’ 1st Overall (Spain)
2013 II Mariners Tabarca 10Km   16th June 2013 2h17’12” 1st Overall (Spain)
2013   International Open Water Swim Cullera 10Km 22th June 2h20’ 1st Overall (Spain)
2013  Valencian Regionals Open Water Championships 8,5Km Peñíscola-Benicarlo 14th July 2013 2nd Overall  1h55’11” (Spain)
2013 XV Asturias Cup Open Water / 5th Len Cup Leg  7,5Km 10th August 2013 1h38’28” 25th Overall (Spain)
2013 II BCT Gdynia Marathon Swim 19,5Km 23th August 2013 (Retired after 8Km) (Poland)
2013 38th Faros Marathon (Stari Grad, Hvar Island) 16Km 31st August 2013 3h41’54” 13th Overall Men  (Croatia)

Season 2014

2014 Senior Long Distance Swimming Pool Valencian Regionals 11th January 3000m (SC) 35’59”81 3rd Bronze Overall (Overall)
2014 Spanish Nationals Long Distance Swimming Pool (LC) 5Km 9th February 1h03’05”65 13th Overall (Spain)
2014 III Mariners Tabarca 10Km 1st June 2014 2h11’15” 1st Overall (Spain)
2014 III Tabarca Marathon Swim 21Km 8th June 2014  5h07’ 3rd Overall (Spain)
2014 France National Open Water Championships 25Km (Retired 8Km) 15th June 2014 (France)
2014 45th Jarak-Sabac Marathon Swim 19Km 3rd August 2014 2h32’08” 11th Overall  (Serbia)
2014 XVI Asturias Cup / 5th Len Cup Leg 7,5Km 9th August 2014 1h47’ 27th Overall (Spain)
2014 Marathon Swim Cartagena-El Portus 12Km 15th August 2014 2h40’ 1st Overall (Spain)
2014 39th Faros Marathon 16Km (Stari Grad, Hvar Island) 30th August 2014 3h45’ 11th Overall Men (Croatia)
2014 I Open Water Menorca Swim 10Km 28th September 2h19’58” 3rd Overall (Spain)

Season 2015

2015 III Yaguaron Challenge 8Km 53’36” 1st Overall (Argentina)
2015  42nd Maratón Acuática Rio Coronda Santa Fe-Coronda 57Km 1st March 2015 (Cancelled after 2h50’ and 18km) (Argentina)
2015 X Nahuel Huapi Crossing Lake 8Km 8th March 2015 (Water 11ºC) 1h34’44” New Record 1st Overall (San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina)
2015 I Rio Negro Challenge Amazonas 30Km 2nd May 2015 6h03’21” 8th Overall Men (Manaos, Brazil)
2015 IV Mariners Tabarca 10Km 30th May 2015 2h17’58” 2nd Overall (Spain)
2015 IV Tabarca Marathon 21Km 7th June 2015 5h21’36” 1st Overall (Spain)
2015 IV Oceanman Orta Lake 14Km 20th June 2015 3h08’15” 4th Overall (Italy)
2015 I Cabo Palos –Hormigas Islands-Cabo Palos Challenge 12Km 28th June 2015 2h51’13”  1st Overall (Spain)
2015 46th Jarak-Sabac Marathon Swim 19Km 2nd August 3h08’50”  13th Overall (Serbia)
2015 46th Ijsselmeer Stavoren-Medemblik Marathon Swim 22Km  8th August 2015 (Retired after 2h35’) (Netherland)
2015 II Singleswimtocht Breda 7,5Km  9th August 2015 1h41’43” 8th Overall (Netherland)
2015 40th Faros Marathon 16Km (Stari Grad, Hvar Island) 29th August 2015 3h36’56” 13th Overall Men (Croatia)
2015 II Menorca Swim 10Km Macarella-Son Xoriguer 27th September 2015 2h14’15” 3rd Overall (Spain)
2015 II Defí Des Iles 23Km Porquerolles-Port Cros-Levant Islands (Hyeres) 4th October 2015 5h47’ 3rd Overall (France)
2015 Oceanman Benidorm 7,5Km 25th October 2015 1h29’43” 10th Overall (Spain)

Season 2016

2016 II Penang International Channel Swim Cross 7,5Km 19th March 2016  1h40’02” (New Record) 1st Overall (Malaysia)
2016 I Port Dickson International Swimathon 5Km 20th March 2016 1h16’56” 1st Overall (Malaysia)
2016 I Seaman La Azohía-Puerto Marrón 8Km 17th April 2016 1h53’56” 1st Overall (Spain)
2016 Labuan International Swimming Cross 5,4Km 30th April 2016 1h11’36” 4th Overall (Malaysia)
2016 II Seaman Cabo de Palos-Hormigas Islands-Cabo de Palos 12Km 5th June 2016 2h51’22” 1st Overall (Spain)
2016 V Tabarca Marathon Swim 21Km  11th June 2016 4h48’22” (New Record)  1st Overall (Spain)
2016 V Oceanman Orta Lake 14Km 26th June 2016 3h07’23” 4th Overall (Italy)
2016 V Mariners Tabarca 10Km 10th July 2016 2h24’13” 1st Overall (Spain)
2016 46th International Swimming Cross Toroneos Gulf 26Km 16th July 2016 6h19’26” 3rd Overall (Greece)
2016 II Travesía Cofrentes 11,5Km 6th August 2016 2h28’17” 1st Overall (Spain)
2016 41st Faros Marathon 16Km (Stari Grad, Hvar Island) 27th August 2016 3h38’00” 13th Overall Men (Croatia)
2016 73rd Indian Long Distance Open Water Championship. Baghirathi River Marathon Swim. India, Janjipur-Berhampur- Murshidabad 18thSept. 2016 81Km 10h57’45” 1st Overall
2016 -Perhentian Island Marathon Swim. Pulau Perhentian Besar, 15,6Km 28th Sept. 2016 Malaysia 4h17’20”
 2016 The Clean Half Marathon Swim. 15Km Hong Kong. 8th October 2016 3h30’32” 1st Overall. (3rd Best time ever)
2016 Oceanman World Championship Benidorm 10Km 16th October 2016 2h21’  3rd Overall (No Wetsuit, Water Temp.21ºC)

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