Τρίτη, 29 Ιουλίου 2014

Live music, fashion shows, creative workshops, dance performances, art exhibitions, professional talks, book launch, poetry reading, student gallery, best of show competition, and more.
Art Links will donate 50% of all general entrance tickets to Make-A-Wish (Κάνε-Μια-Ευχή Ελλάδος).

Art Links is an international art collective; a community united through creativity. They  showcase art that awakens the creative spirit in the artist and the beholder; art which engages us as a connected society.
Art Links features live concerts, talks and workshops from participating artists, invited musicians, professors and performance artists. It is through these events that we link our creative lives and our communities.
Why did they  create Art Links? 
To provide the spirit of collaboration, a supportive environment and a public forum for art and creativity
To encourage the understanding that every moment in our lives is a creative one
To share, inspire and spark creativity and ideas in our communities
Their  mission is to establish a community in which the artist and visitor are linked in a creative experience. They  support artistic collaboration and showcase artists’ original work in our international collective. Art Links strives to create a unique platform through which they  encourage the exchange of ideas in seminars, advocate learning in workshops and promote the development of the arts through music and performances. They  foresee this event becoming an annual occurrence with an Art Links exhibition each year in a different city ... celebrating art and creativity throughout our world.

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