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ArtFix is a social venture which aims to build a new global brand that will be associated with everything artistic.
Their  mission is to make the arts more accessible, fun and affordable for the everyday people who love the arts but are not connoisseurs. They are addressing audiences who do not experience art because they lack the information, the time and the money, or simply don't know what the arts can do for them. They fulfil the  mission by operating Workshops, developing a smartphone app and opening artFix spaces. These spaces will provide to locals and tourists a good taste of what is happening around the city and at the same time incite them to incorporate the arts into their everyday lives. They will present artistic content both virtually and physically, using projection screens and an instore performance space. Live performances of any kind will not exceed 15 minutes. Visual arts will be presented in a virtual form in video presentations of 3 minutes, which will be played in loop.

Their app is in prototype stage and screenshots will be presented in the Open Day.
Their workshops begin on the 29th of November.
More about them  on

Friday, 21 November 2014 from 18:00 to 20:00 (GMT)

29-31 Oxford St
United Kingdom

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