Πέμπτη, 20 Νοεμβρίου 2014

Mea Culpa Perfomance  was showed at Bissel Library of the American  College of Thessaloniki (A.C.T.)  during the Trauma Workshop, yesterday evening.

Mea Culpa Performance is based on a true story and had been premiered at Megaron of Thessaloniki and Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens last year as a complete theatrical project, produced by Dominus Productions.

Its written by Konstantinos Rodis and directed by him and Ioannis Kifonidis.

Ioannis Kifonidis was also the narrator of the A.C.T. performance and the actors on video projector  were Nelli Gkini, Konstantinos Rodis, Athena Nannou and Michalis Avramidis who also composed the original score. 

Valia Mpougioukli translated the performance in English and also subtitled the videos in English.

Trauma Workshop was successfully organized by Dr Maria Kyriakidou, the Chairwoman of the A.C.T. Division of Humanities and Social Studies.

Her Co-Presenters Maria Psoinos, Elpida Vogli, Aigli Brouskou did also a great job. 

Mea Culpa Performance @ American College of Thessaloniki on Vimeo › IOANNIS KIFONIDIS › Videos

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