Παρασκευή, 15 Μαΐου 2015

Victoria Hislop, a leading novelist who delights in frequently setting her writings in the Greek landscape, has spoken of her admiration for the artist Harikleia Papapostolou, who has just made her London debut.

                                              Diane Soames and Harikleia Papapostolou

Intensely coloured, the compelling abstract oil paintings of Harikleia Papapostolou are on show at Belgravia Gallery, 23 Maddox Street, W1, until  May 16 2015. The minute they entered the gallery, guests at the preview evening for the show were struck by the dynamism of the collection, which is entitled appropriately Breathing Colours. Harikleia, born in Stratoni in Halkidiki, came to London following critical acclaim for her previous exhibitions in Athens.

                                  Victoria Hislop, Harikleia Papapostolou and Vasso Sotiriou

Formally opening the exhibition, Ms Hislop left the audience – which included personalities from the spheres of arts, culture, diplomacy, finance, investment, insurance and property – in no doubt of her admiration for Ms Papapostolou.

                                     Harikleia Papapostolou with her canvas Athens in Love

Source: James Brewer

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