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American Horror Story: Hotel is the upcoming fifth season of the FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story. It is set to premiere on October 7, 2015, and conclude on January 20, 2016.
The series was renewed for a fifth season on October 13, 2014.
In October 2014, FX renewed the series for a fifth season set to premiere in October 2015.  Network president John Landgraf stated that the season will necessitate a "huge reinvention" for the series.  The season's subtitle was confirmed as Hotel, and was partly inspired by the 1935 screwball musical comedy film Top Hat.  Co-creator Ryan Murphy explained that the casting included a number of actors and singers, but would be a much darker season compared to the previous ones. Inspiration came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels situated at downtown Los Angeles, with reputation of sinister events, including The Cecil in Los Angeles, where the death of 21-year-old Canadian student Elisa Lam occurred. Murphy had watched a surveillance video of Lam in the hotel, in which she displayed erratic behavior just hours prior to her supposed death.  It was around this time that the writing for Hotel was conceptualized. The writing for Hotel also included Murphy's personal phobia and fears which he explained that had not been explored since the first season.

In February 2015, it was announced that American singer Lady Gaga joined the show.  Murphy had discussed the singer's role in the series and she wanted it to be "evil", however Murphy explained to her that Hotel would be devoid of any musical numbers. Instead Gaga's character would be involved with fashion and was named as Elizabeth, the owner of the titular hotel.  She is set to appear in 8 episodes. Jessica Lange, a series regular, announced that she will not be coming back for the season.  Later she stated that she would return for the fifth season if Murphy gives her a minor role. During PaleyFest it was announced that Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson would co-star.  Afterwards, more series regulars were confirmed, including Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett.  Murphy himself tweeted about the latter's involvement in Hotel, including a possible plotline with Gaga, as a character called Ramona Royale, an actress.  Chloë Sevigny, who was a recurring special guest in Asylum, will return to the series for Hotel, playing the wife of Wes Bentley's character, a detective.

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