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Ready for a “Sex&The City 3”? Certain celebrities will be chased by the same questions for as long as they're alive. And that's because fans of their biggest shows and/or movies always want to know when they can get more. For Kristin Davis, and the rest of the cast of "Sex and the City," it's always, "Will there be a third 'Sex and the City' movie?"

On "The Tonight Show," Davis answered the question by saying, "There’s no direct plans. We would love to, I would love to. The great thing about 'Sex and the City' is it was never supposed to be a hit in the first place. It’s just been this crazy unknown; like every time we think it’s over, we come back.”

Davis went on to explain that she and the other ladies in the cast haven't been in the same room together since the last time they worked together. In fact, that's one of the reasons they all enjoy coming back. But while they do stay in touch via email all the time, are all four of them on board with the idea of another movie?
 On "Anderson" (Weekdays, Syndicated) she said, "It's the best job I've ever had" of her experience doing the show and its spin-off movies over the last fifteen years.
In fact, of all the jobs she's had over the years, Davis said that she keeps the most in touch still with the cast of "Sex and the City." "We are pretty much family at this point," she explained. But that doesn't mean its easy to go and just hang out like friends. For one thing, seeing that foursome walking down the street or shopping would have most fans checking around for camera crews to see if that third movie is in fact underway and they're about to be a background player.
"People have kind of a panic reaction," Davis said. "It's really odd. They're like, Oh my God!" She then talked about an experience she had with Sarah Jessica Parker where the women thought they could just go shoe shopping like everyone else does. But the public reaction made them quickly realize they weren't going to be able to.
Maybe if a third movie doesn't get green light, the women can sign on for a "The Real Sex and the City" reality series which will follow them around as they hang out and go shoe shopping. It would make a good companion for that prequel series, "The Carrie Diaries," heading to The CW.
Back in May, Sarah Jessica Parker said she thinks a third movie would be "wonderful" because she thinks there's one story left to tell about the women. But Cynthia Nixon, last October, said she's hoping there isn't a third outing. She thinks it would be fine to just let the series go. Fashionart Lover reported last year that a third part of SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE is possible, even in Greece, maybe in  Costa Navarino or Mykonos. 


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