Πέμπτη, 8 Αυγούστου 2013

Lovegreece is the brand that dares to redesign the classic Greek souvenir T-Shirt, using 100% Greek cotton and with all stages of production taking place in Greece.  Lovegreece sets out to stir things up and change everything we know about souvenirs from Greece.
This new brand meets the standards of current marketing strategies for the promotion and showcasing of quality within Greece’s identity. Through high quality products and stylish campaigns that are reminiscent of more carefree times, Lovegreece promotes 'Greek Chic' in a cool and contemporary way.
In a time where tourism is the main – if not only - tool to jump-start the Greek economy, Lovegreece recognizes the need for innovation and steps away from outdated Greek stereotypes, to re-invent the image of Greece with elegance and simplicity.

Lovegreece’s vision is to spread the love for Greece and the concept of enjoying life in a relaxed style. It aims to become a lovebrand for all those who love Greece, and to tie the idea of Greece to timeless and effortless Greek Chic.
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