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"Msb Makesportsbetter" is the famous Swim & Running store of ChampionS,, in Thessaloniki, Greece ! Their top sporting goods store specializes in swimwear, swimming equipment and competition swimwear, running shoes and gear and youth athletic goods since 1984! 

 and read more about their owner's sports accomplishments as an Olympic Athlete! Theirphilosophy is and always was about the daily needs of an athlete and the greatness found in sports, that is why their owners and employees are also competitive athletes, swimmers and runners! Afterall their moto is: "We know becuase WE Swim & Run". 

Them :
Msb Makesportsbetter
177 Vas.Olgas Street, Thessaloniki, GR
For more information check out
their map for directions or visit

Msb "Makesportsbetter" is an official retailer and distributor of Nike, Asics, Saucony, Converse, O'neill, Crocs, Teva, Speedo, Arena, Diana, Jaked, Beyo swimwear, Fabiola Molina. 

Products are available for sale via Facebook with pay-on-delivery method or at
their store.

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